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Healthier You

Healthier You originates in the book of Daniel chapter 1:15 "At the end of the ten days they looked healthier and better nourished than any of the young men who ate the royal food."

Healthier You is a movement that goes beyond the body.  It is a holistic approach lead by Apostle Melinda J Sutton and allows for anyone to reach their fullest potential.  Healthier You desires to establish a foundation that is rooted in the word and allows for full transformation to occur.   

Holistic Health

Mind, Body, & Soul

Lynn's Bike Club (LBC) began in the midst of a global pandemic.  Coach Melinda wanted to ride and she was determined to be the best at it.  After riding with her son Allen, and receiving encouragement from her daughter Tiffany, LBC was birthed.  Lynn's Bike Club is more than riding a bike.  It focuses on the holistic health.  Each ride challenges the mind, body, and the soul.  LBC is on the move and will continue to make the necessary adjustments and challenge the mindset to go above a beyond.  

"I wanna be whole, Do You?

Group Ride
LBC Tallahassee
Sheena Thomas
The Suttons
Coach in Action
Rebekah and Coach
LBC Orlando
The Suttons
Personal Best
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