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Meet the

MJC Ministries was founded by Melinda Jones Sutton. Melinda has always been an Advocate, Leader, Visionary and Kingdom Designer. 


She is the wife of Chief Apostle Jesse Sutton, a mother, and grandmother. Melinda’s desire is solely to love God, serve his people, and change lives through the gospel. She has experienced many life altering circumstances including receiving a medical prognosis and ministry partners walking away from their assignment. Yet she allowed her fears and disappointments to face the Word of God. Her hearts cry has been “I just want to do ministry”.


Anyone that has encountered her will know she genuinely loves people, she will give her last to others in need, and she will preach the uncompromised gospel unapologetically. She is a 4-time author and continues to produce material that will change the lives of God’s people.

About MJC Ministries


We exist to encourage, empower, and equip individuals towards righteous living and fulfillment of purpose through the teaching and promotion of Christian principles.


MJC, Ministries utilizes forms of media, product development, and personal and corporate contact to provide essential tools, insight and application to facilitate excellence through purposeful and righteous living. 

MJC Ministries, LLC. is excited to serve the community with quality services that will change lives and impact the world. Through the facilitation of leadership trainings, conferences, and revivals, MJC Ministries will equip and empower others towards purposeful living.
Workshops and Conference Topics include:
  • Leadership Keys
  • Praying and Fasting
  • Ministry Training
  • Effective Communication
  • Family Fundamentals
  • Discipleship...and more
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