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Let Love Love You 

Let Love Love You is more than an initiative or a slogan. It is a lifelong commitment between man and God. After years of maintaining relationship with Christ, Apostle Melinda was confronted with the reality of her heart posture concerning receiving God's love fully. Keep reading for more of her testimony. 

I was on the altar and the Holy Spirit spoke to me "let love love you". I thought it was  specific to he and I For years, I’ve had walls and so letting my walls down required me to hear who he wanted me to let love me. I listened but I became unwilling. I knew that I still carried the burden of making a promise to myself never to allow anyone else to help to hurt me after being molested as a child. I promised never to give my heart to anyone. I realized on the altar that although I had loved God and followed his will I don’t think I’ve been in love with Jesus. I loved him enough to follow him. While on the altar he gave me the name Jesse Sutton and at that point I was totally refusing. I quickly learned to let love love me is all about accepting God‘s love for your life in order for him to show you who and how to love his way.



Let Love Love You is about letting your circumstantial walls down to be a true living demonstration of God's love towards self and others. You cannot possibly love anyone else without allowing Christs' love in your heart first. His love requires us being open to things that we have closed our self to.  Circumstances in life hurt, but the love of Christ never does. God will teach you through love, how to continue to love his way.

- Apostle Melinda 

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